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  • As an active business woman in Rockville, Maryland, Mary joined the Rockville Chapter of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. of the United States of America (BPW).

  • She is shown here at a meeting of BPW with other local business women.

  • Mary joined BPW in 1990, soon after becoming a citizen of the United States.  She quickly became Chairman of the International Night featuring a very special guest speaker Mahnaz Afkhami, Executive Director of the Foundation for Iranian Studies. 

  • Ms. Afkhami also served as Consultant on Women and Development  in Palo Alto, CA; Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Government of Iran; Secretary General, Women's Organization of Iran; Chairman of the English Department, National University of Iran; and Lecturer at the University of Colorado.  In addition she has authored many publications

  • BPW focuses on several critical issues for women:

    • Pay Equity

    • Supporting Women in the Workplace

    • The Changing Family

    • Involving Women in the Political Process

  • BPW is aware that pay Equity conter-acts the affects of sex and race discrimination by using objective standards for evaluating salary levels and ensures women equal pay for equal work.

  • BPW recognizes employers who have been responsive to working women, and awards outstanding individuals who have recognized women by encouraging full participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency.

  • BPW is cognizant of  the changes in economics, lifestyles and ideals that have changed the structure of the modern family and works to accommodate those changes.

  • BPW focuses on including women in the political process to ensure their concerns are addressed and their voices heard.