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  • Mary is an active member of the Committee for Ethnic Affairs for the Office of the County Executive of Montgomery County.
  • The Committee serves as an advisory group to the County Executive, the County Council and the Office of Community Outreach on Ethnic Affairs.
  • The objectives of this Committee are to emphasize the linguistic and cultural diversity of the County's government, business and community affairs. 
  • Mary was appointed by the County Executive in 2002 and serves as a Member at Large.
  • In her capacity as Member at Large, Mary has arranged for the Iranian-American community to celebrate the Iranian New Year at Borders Books in White Flint Mall.
    •  This cultural experience was shared with the general public.
    • The celebration included Persian classical music
    • A Persian percussion ensemble
    • Special New Year sweets
  • She also requested that, in observance of Iranian New Year, all Persian children in the Montgomery County school system, be given an official excused absence to celebrate Iranian New Year.