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  • Mary has been a very active worker for the Touch Toys program for twelve years.

  • Touch Toys is an organization that makes toys for the blind children in the metropolitan Washington area.

  • The toys, which are made by individuals at various area senior centers, are used to teach the children about life through touching shapes.

  • The handmade toys include items ranging from such things as houses, windows, and doors, to stuffed caterpillars. 

  • In 1982, Mary convinced Betty Houston, of the Red Cross, who is in charge of volunteers for nursing homes, to arrange for volunteers from the Embassies and the World Bank to be introduced to, and instruction in, the creation of touch toys for handicapped children.

  • The response to this request for volunteers was overwhelming and the first workshop, held on January 26, 1982, included seventeen representatives of the embassies of Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Mary's idea resulted in the production of  a large number of toys at the workshop, and many, many classes held by the volunteers in various nursing homes and homes for the elderly.

  • The Zonta Club of Montgomery County is a strong supporter of the Touch Toy program, along with other local service organizations, such as the Montgomery College Women's Association.

  • Mary is shown above volunteering at the Touch Toy exhibit for the Zonta Club of Montgomery County.